Sunday, May 11, 2008

Etsy Plush Team Storybook/Fairytale project - Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

I made these little guys for the Etsy Plush Team Favorite Storybook/Fairytale project. We were each paired up with another member of the team, and had to create a plush based on your partner's favorite fairytale.

My partner, imagingermonkey said that her favorite fairytale was Little Red Riding Hood. Two things come to my mind when I think of that story - Little Red riding Hood herself and the wolf - so, as you can see, I decided to create both of them.

They are both done in amigurumi crochet. Little Red Riding Hood's red hood is removable and ties with a black satin ribbon. For her hair, I hand stitched each strand of yarn into her head and seperated the pieces to make it more full and wavy. I gave her brown hair...even though my husband insists that she should have been a blond ^_^

The Wolf looks like his mother mated with an Ewok. Don't let his uber cute looks fool you though...he'd eat your grandmother without batting an eye! He is crocheted with both a piece of acrylic yarn and a piece of boa fur so he is super soft and fluffy.

Check out the Etsy Plush Team Blog to see some of the awesome plushies by fellow team members came up with! And of course, these little guys are up for sale in my etsy shop ^_^

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