Monday, April 28, 2008

Wildolive = Food Cuteness

Okay, so I was browsing around etsy this evening looking for a Monther's day give and I stumbled upon one of the biggest piles of cuteness ever at Wildolive's shop! I have a soft spot for uber cute food, and have fallen in love with the buttons she designed! The best thing, is that each of the designs have fun little names, like scattered eggs and sodder cereal! There are others that aren't designed after food that are just as cute! Stop what you're doing right now and check these guys out! And while you're at it, stop over at her blog to see what's new and to download fun stuff like the fair weather friends printable weather chart...I have that bad boy hanging up at my desk at work ^_^

1 comment:

moogan said...

those are a great find!