Sunday, June 20, 2010

I have been turned into a plush!!!

My husband and I recently celebrated another wonderful year of marriage together, and the celebrate, I decided to commission a set of plushcatures from the wonderfully talented and fabulous Leeanna of PlushGoodness. Words cannot even describe how awesome they turned out! It's us, but plush! And the detail is amazing...from my graphic tee to my hubby's famous 32 polo!

Oh No! My brother has my husband in a choke!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My west coast adventure to Maker Faire ^_^

I can't believe that just over one week ago today, I was flying back to the east coast from Maker Faire! We all had a blast! I don't think that words could adequately describe our experience at Maker Faire, so here are a few pictures we all took of our experience:

Abby snapped this awesome pic of me and our gelatos ^_^

We all sported awesome PT Stitchy Name Tags by Abbydid ^_^

dkoss took an awesome picture of some of the Young Makers and their creations from our Felt Creature lab on Friday

Plush Goodness took a great picture of us getting the sweing machines and yarn ready for the classes we taught

Here is Zazu and Christina leading one of our many classes thoughout the weekend(taken by dkoss)

The Plush Team got a ribbon for Editor's Choice From Craft Magazine!! Woot!

Zazu took a picture of Abby and I making friends with R2D2 ^_^

I'd like to thank everyone who came out to see us at our booth and took part in our classes, all the new friends we made, all the awesome staff at Maker Faire, the members of the plush team for sending along a spectacular variety of plush, the plush teamers who made the trip to San Mateo - abbydid, Christina Ward Creatures, Absolutely Small, Cutesy But Not Cutesy, Plush Goodness, Moons Creations, Zazu Faure of Los Angeles, and Brian, an honorary Plush Teamer - who all busted their butts with no complaints to make this experience a giant success, to Craft Magazine for awarding our booth with a ribbon for editor's choice( and for letting me do a little improptu demo at their booth), our fabulous sponsors: Mendel's, Monterey Mills, Shannon Fabrics, Kunin Group/Foss Manufacturing, and Singer. We couldn't have pulled this off without any of you!

In closing, I just want to say that the Plush Team rocks. I am really lucky to be a part of such a hard working, talented, dedicated, and awesome team.