Sunday, October 10, 2010

My greatest project EVER!

You may have noticed that I have been a very, very, very bad blogger the past few months. Well, I have been working on the greatest and most difficult project EVER...and it has nothing to do with plush or crochet. I have been on the long, hard journey of becoming a homeowner, and am happy to say we have been successful! It took months of looking at houses and losing out on a couple before we finally found the perfect house for us! And the best part it, I now actually have a room just for my studio!!!
We are just about moved in(but far from being unpacked), and the studio is still a mess of boxes, but check out the progress I made thus far in forming the new creative space of Yummy Pancake:
This is the before shot....
Mr Toastee couldn't wait to help me paint over those stripes!

We first had to put 2 coats of high coverage primer on the walls to cover up those yucky stripes:

After the stripes were gone, we painted the walls the most awesome shade of pink! What a difference.....and more Yummy Pancake style than blue and orange stripes!

I still need to unpack and organize, but at least the walls look fabulous ^_^

My etsy shop will be re-stocked very soon! And be sure to come see me in Cleveland at Oddmall on November 6th!!!