Sunday, September 21, 2008

Even Toast Dresses Up For Halloween!

Here is my entry for the Esty Plush Team Sept/Oct project - Costumed Plush Catergory. When I asked Mr Toastee what he wanted to be for halloween, he said, "a black cat". So, I whipped up a little black kitteh costume for him - complete with little pink paws! You can check out the other Plush team project entries on the Plush team blog.

I love living in a world where Toast dresses up for Halloween ^_^


Melissa said...

"I love living in a world where Toast dresses up for Halloween."

That's super cute and so is Toast and his costume. He's sure to win the bestest costume award! If he comes to my house and says "Trick or Treat", I promise I'll try not to eat him. Mmmmmm toast.


Kim said...
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po0mp0ncita said...

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Thor said...

Hello, I have arrived here by accident but am pleased to have done so. Love your work!

(PS I realize it is now a bit late for this, but looking at your parsley picture, I don't think those are monarch caterpillars. Did you see any hatch?)

chayito said...

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