Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eggy toys

Ever since I was little, and well, still today, I am completely enthralled by those little machines you put your quarters in to get a little toy or a piece of candy. I love little plastic toys that I really don't need but totally must have. Even now, every time I go to the grocery store, i root around in my purse before I leave to make sure I have quarters available in case the machines have some uber cool toys or stickers that I MUST have. Back in the day, those machines were 5, 10 and 25 cents for the really good ones - now it goes from 25 cents to $1. We always called them eggy toys ^_^

One particular machine I remember as a child, was the one at our local Super Duper - a grocery store. It had a big plastic chicken in it that would cluck when you put in your quarter, and your toy was in one of those plastic easter eggs. I was blown away awhile ago when I went to my local Redners Warehouse market and they had the same machine! Ahhh...the memories....

What brought this on? Well, I was watching How it's Made on the Discovery channel this evening, and one of the things they showed was how they make those machines. That got me thinking, how cool would that be to have one of my very own! So I decided to make it one of my life's missions to own an eggy toy machine. That way, when I wake up, when I come home from a hard day at work, and just whenever, I can partake in tiny plastic toy goodness.

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Megan said...

Those eggy toys are called "gatchapon" in Japan. There are soooo many and they have much better toys inside than in the US. I find them hard to resist, along with "UFO Catchers" a.k.a. crane games.