Sunday, March 23, 2008

Big Juicy Kangaroo Burger?

Yes, you heard me right - Kangaroo burgers. My husband and I grilled up 100% kangaroo burgers for dinner last night, and they were pretty tasty! Not gamey at all. They taste pretty similar to beef burgers, so I would only recommend them for the novelty of eating kangaroo....especially at $9.50 a pound.

Where did we find kangaroo burgers in Lancaster county you ask? Well, on Friday, we took a walk around Lititz checking out all of the cute little stores and stumbled upon The Savory Gourmet. At first glance, the store did not have many items, but them we saw their whiteboard of available meats - alligator, ostrich, black bear bacon, yak, elk, and kangaroo to name a few. How cool is that? Bizzare foods in our own backyard!

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