Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Plush Team Annual Has Arrived!!!

I never knew you could STUFF this much awesomeness in one book!

The PlushTeam, of which I am proud to be a member of, is ecstatic to present to you our first ever Team Annual, containing 120 pages of plushy goodness!

What is in store for you upon opening this marvelous book:

*An opening by our team founder, Megan Green, describing how our team came to be.

*An insightful, informative, and all-around fascinating account of the history of plush craft by our team co-founder Christina Ward.

*42 2-page, full color features of our PlushTeam members(including me!!). Each includes photos of the artist's work, and text written by the artist explaining motivation, process, and inspiration.

*A timeline of PlushTeam activities through over the years.

*Profile pages providing a comprehensive list of PlushTeam artists, including artist headshots and etsy shop addresses. We are a good looking bunch if I do say so myself!

*Photos of PT Stitchy, the team mascot, scattered throughout the book in his various incarnations as interpreted by our team members.

The book is full color, professionally printed, and soft cover. It measures 6.75"x6.75" (or 17 centimeters square). This is volume 1 of our Team Annual, featuring the artists from 2009. Our intent is to make this a yearly publication, updating it each year with our newest members and their incredible work.

Get one for yourself in the Plush Team's Etsy Store!'s good enough to eat!

nom nom nom


Anonymous said...

huge congratulations the book looks fantastic I want one :)

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