Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time to play catch up!

I haven't been good about posting, but I assure you it is with good reason ^_^ I have been a very busy bee lately. My non-plush work has been very busy for me lately, and we've also been battling some unusually heavy snow here! I am so tired of shoveling snow!

I have lots of exciting news to share! First off, I will be going to Maker Faire in San Mateo CA in May with some of the Plush Team! My flight is booked and I am ready! I'm a little nervous about flying by myself, but it is going to be so worth it! More deatils on that to come!

I also just got word that I was accepted into Plush You LA this year! Woohoo! I'm already brainstorming what to make for that show!

I've also been busy working on my piece for Schmancy's Olympic Plush Challenge. I was given the category "made up sport". I'm putting the finishing touches on my entry is epic! I guess I can give you a little clue - AYBABTU ^_^ I'll be posting about it and showing pics when it is all done!

I also found out that one of the pieces I made for the Stitch Wars show last year - my Wookie Cookies - will be in an upcoming George Lucas documentary!! How awesome is that!

I've also been busy whipping up some goodies for OddMall this may. I know it is still 2 months away, but it will be here before you know it!

I did have a little bit of time to get some St. Patty's day plush made and in my etsy shop. Actually, a few of us in the Plush Team have been whipping up some St. Patty's day plush. You can check them out in the Plush Team's etsy shop. The St. Patty's day mini Toastees there are different than the ones in my etsy shop!

I also got to meet one of Mr. Toastee's cousins - Mr. Loafee. He is now available in my etsy shop as well! It's amazing what all can happen in a month, huh? ^_^

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