Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Next Creation for Stitch Wars....Wookie Cookies

Behold! One of my creations for the Stitch Wars show this year AND my entry for the Etsy Plush Team Iron Plush secret ingredient was faux fur...very out of my comfort zone. I came up with wookie cookies, mixing my love of wookies and cookies ^_^ I even put squeakers in these little guys so they make noise when you squish them! All 8 will be making their way to Stitch Wars in July and will be available for purchase there and online as well! I have to laugh, as I seem to be on a Chubacca kick for Stitch Wars ^_^

As I mentioned, these are my entry for the Etsy Plush Team Iron Plush Challenge. Head on over to the Plush Team Blog for more info about our challenge and to see some of the other totally awesome entries!! I need to work on my plating...I'll make another post once I have perfected how I'd like to plate these guys!


Katie said...


Plushroom Soup said...

Hilarious! Love them!

RusticOkie said...

Very awesome!

Isabelle Kessedjian said...

So cute

lrohler630 said...

They are so cool. I hope you sell them all

Puglette said...

so cute!!! very clever.