Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Perfume!

OMG. Okay, I seriously have the bestest parents ever. Check out the perfume my mom sent down to me....how adorable is this??? It is Harijuku Lovers Lil Angel...my mom found it at Macy's, but I just checked and Sephora carries to too! There are 5 different ones and they are all equally as cute!!!

On another note, I am sad to say the the Mr. Toastee Zip pouches will be delayed until May. I was approached to have my stuff on consignment at Broad Street Bazaar in Lititz PA. It opens on May 4th, so I need to get my butt in gear and get stuff made for that while I chug along on all the custom orders in my queue ^_^


lux lux said...

you got the best one! im obsessed with the Lil Angel, its the best scent, kinda coconut-ty,non?:)
cant believe nobody thought to combine perfume and vinyl toys into one before!!
ps. love the blog, also love Mr.Toastee!

cletsey said...

Its so cute I like ti try this new one. Keep posting!

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