Sunday, July 27, 2008

mmmm....Fair Food....mmmmm

The end of summer means that fair season is upon is in and around Lancaster County! I am always looking forward to the fair in my town, The Ephrata Fair, which, by the way, is the largest street fair in PA! Over at the Etsy Plush Team, or current team project is to create a plush with a fair theme. We have 3 catagories to enter in - livestock, midway food, and the sideshow.
I have a soft spot for fair food, and when the Ephrata fair is going on, I think I eat more calories in that week than I do for the entire rest of the year! So for the Plush Team Fair project, I decided to create some plush renditions of my favorite foods to consume at the fair! Here are my first 2 entries, a Sno Cone and some delicious, fluffy, cotton candy! Both are done in an amigurumi style, and will be available shortly in my etsy shop ^_^
Be sure to check out the Plush Team Blog to see some of the other awesome plush creations for this contest!!


Sabaal said...

I have just one question: what do you put inside your icecreams? I made one and filkled it with sinthetic cotton, but looks like yours are harder than mine :S

Sabaal said...

Sorry, I meant "filled"... typo :(

Well, anyways, I love your creations. Keep on the good job!